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Career Guru of the Week

So many great articles here such as Power Woman of the Week: Important Life Lessons from Joanne Rowling (aka JK Rowling)


Who better to learn from than JK Rowling who went from the bottom to the top all on her own. (click)



Let’s get smart: 6 amazing free online courses to upgrade your business skills

Get your smarts on. Whether you are just out of school or going back into the work force, you should always keep on learning.


Want to catch up or hone your business skills for today’s business world? (click)


From Office Fashion to Street Style to Fashion News. Keep up with what’s new in fashion for the working (or playing) you.


Get the Look: 20 Must Have Dresses Spring 2015 (click)


Makeup tips, skin care and dieting…

Pretty blonde girl  eating ice cream

How to eat whatever you want without gaining weight? (click)

and more…. check them out.