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“The Coveteur began as a passion project exploring the homes and closets of global street style stars and tastemakers, and has evolved into exploring all things behind-the-scenes: lifestyle, fashion, and culture.” Check them out further.



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This newsy, intriguing, fashionable and interesting site is for the woman in you who wants to be in the know.





This is very cool – Coveteur goes behind the scenes into interesting people’s closets, homes and lifestyle. Such as with Barbara Martelo. You’ll have a sweet little voyeuristic experience into what she likes with the opportunity of shopping the look. Very, very cool.


Barbara Martelo, Freelance Stylist, Consultant in Paris

Barbara Martelo, Freelance Stylist, Consultant in Paris


“All the best of beauty”


Three Festival Ready Hair Looks (you can do sans shampoo). Kristin Ess of the Beauty Department breaks these three styles down into easy to understand and do steps.


3 Festival-Ready Hair Looks (You Can Do Sans Shampoo)

3 Festival-Ready Hair Looks (You Can Do Sans Shampoo)


“Behind-the-scenes & up-close-and-personal”

You are just in time for their new series – Editor’s Picks- a New shopping Series. If you like fashion and if you like shopping… you will like this. Read more


Editors' Picks: The Inaugural Ish  - don't miss this!

Editors’ Picks: The Inaugural Ish – don’t miss this!


You will just love this. Recently, and one of our favorites is:

I Tried The 22 Day Beyoncé Vegan Diet… And I’m Starving



Would you take the 22 Day Vegan Challenge?


Huff Post Style Editor, Michelle Persad tried it and said, “At the time, it was the middle of Fashion Week and my judgment was impaired, so for some reason I agreed to forgo bacon, dairy and basically all of life’s other greatest pleasures for three entire weeks.” Read what else did.

Oh, there is more, but you’ll have to hop on over there and discover it yourself. Grab a cup of tea. You might be there for a while!