There are travel blogs about destinations and then there are travel blogs about adventure and discovery. The three that we’ve highlighted this week are the later and are interesting and fun to read whether you are planning a trip or not.


Travelettes is a great, no, a super blog for the young female traveler (or the young traveler IN you).

Their articles are a bit different.  Sure, they write about the places they visit, but they also include terrific articles such as:

How to Earn Money While Traveling

15 Personal Tips for Moving to Another Country


How to Survive an Authentic Hammam

The Travelettes are not two or three women, but a healthy handful with the odd contributor thrown in.  They are active in social media so if you want to live through them vicariously there, follow them on Twitter or Facebook .


Travel for Free with Workaway - click for the article

Travel for Free with Workaway – click for the article

Mr. and Mrs. Globetrot

This is a travel blog.  A travel blog with the most absolutely STUNNING photography. This is a must for the off-the-beaten-track adventurer.

Julia and Yuriy started this ‘journal’ after they married and took off to see the world.  When not traveling, they call Seattle home where they are professional photographers and Julia is a designer.

The locations they write of are as close as their own backyard in Seattle and as far as Havana, the Far East and Australia.  You can join in their adventures by simply clicking here or following them here.

Luxury Accommodations

If you are one of those that loves to research where you are going to stay on vacation and you MUST have the best accommodations OR. . . if you are an interior design junkie, then you are going to love this site.

Luxury Accommodations is a quick and fun way to find the vacation location of your dreams.  Built on a very visual tumblr site, they have over 400,000 fans who love them for the variety of accommodations and locations that they highlight from vacation rentals, private islands, luxury villas to even yachts.

 Our mission is to deliver something tangible, something that you can visit during your travels; places that you can actually stay at and where you can enjoy a vivid experience of a true luxurious accommodation.

If you are looking (or fantasizing) about your next adventure, take a look at this inspirational site and enjoy!