No, we don’t mean camping out, hammocks or in sleeping bags. We are talking about outdoor swinging beds. You might have seen them before or perhaps remember one from your childhood summers. Down south, the proverbial sleeping porch had them literally hanging from the rafters.  Everyone headed to the sleeping porch on those hot summer nights when the air didn’t move and air conditioning was not even a concept. Up in New England, they were on everyone’s porch.  It gets hot there, too.

Outdoor swinging beds have never gone away and it seems that folks have only gotten more creative about how they are sleeping outside.  You might want to entertain the idea of hanging one around your place this summer. Here are a few ideas on how to do it.

sleeping porch

Photo by Quentin Bacon


The Gloucester Hammock

Originally known as the Gloucester (Massachusetts) Hammock, these sail maker’s beds are made with grommets, canvas and rope. Penobscot Bay Swinging Beds makes them now and all you have to do is choose one of their four styles, choice of color, pillows and you are good to go. Light weight yet sturdy, all you need is a warm breeze rocking you to sleep and you’ll be living the memories you’ll be cherishing during the cold days of the winter just ahead.

All you need is a place to hang it.

 Gloucester Hammock

The Gloucester Hammock made by Penobscot Bay Swinging Beds

DIY & Home Depot

Leave it to Home Depot to come up with a comprehensive set of instructions for you to DIY your own hanging bed. Hang it off your porch or be creative- what about putting it in your kids rooms? They would love you for this!

DIY Hanging bed

#DIY Make your own. Home Depot has instructions on how to build this for $350 in eight hours.

The Hanging Pallet Bed

There must be a list of a million things you can do with  pallets and here is another one. The Merry has terrific instructions on how to make your own pallet bed. Hang this from that big old tree out back and your teenagers will be fighting to call dibs on it for their summer reading spot.

DIY bed

#DIY Pallet Swing Bead from The Merry  (click for the diy instructions)


hanging porch beds

Choose your color, find your spot and you have the quintessential hanging porch bed for your porch. click for more information from Hanging Porch

The Sweet Southern Life

Hanging Porch Beds offers swinging beds in several styles. This is the kind of swing you put on your sweet Southern front porch, y’all, where you can cuddle up with your books and cold sweet tea or your sweetie and wine. Take your choice.