Are you always looking for a farm stand when you’re on the road?

Have you taken a ride in the country and passed fields and fields of growing vegetables and fruits?  Did you then start to look for a farm stand and couldn’t find one? Well, a new site and directory, Farm And Market Trail, has just launched.  It offers:

  • a list and full page description of the hobby farms and roadside stands nearby
  • local farmers markets and fairs, their location and times of operation
  • a blog with recipes, stories, photography, ideas and support for your own home farm
  • a Google map that will show you where to find it all

Farm And Market Trail has JUST launched.  The folks behind this genius idea are out of  Vancouver Island, BC.  So even though we are doing a Blogger Shout Out about them today, we are also asking for your help.  If you know of or have your own farm stand, hobby farm or market, we’re inviting you to submit it to Farm And Market Trail for inclusion in their site. This is applicable to any farm in the U.S. or Canada and the first 100 folks to register get if for FREE. After that, there is a whopping $1. a month to help maintain the site.  Not bad, right?

And by the way, I have it on the QT from Gil at Farm And Market Trail that they will soon launch their first contest. A free, 5 page, professionally developed web site crafted by Gil himself! Be sure to like them on Facebook as they will be introducing the contest details there this week.

Farm And Market Trail is open to the small farmer and larger farm stands alike. Any roadside stands that offers goods like flowers, fresh vegetables and fruits, baked goods, crafts, trees are eligible and you don’t need a website to be included.

So if you are supportive of the local farm to table movement and want to help out,  here’s how:

Add A Business, Market or Fair

We’d love to have you on board at Farm And Market Trail!


If you want contribute the name of your favorites farm stands, markets or a fairs, click here!  (no strings attached!)

To list your business, market or fair, you must first be registered with us. For now, registration is free and easy! To register, click here.

If you have already registered and want to add a business listing, click here!

If you want to add a market or a fair, click here!

If you want to edit an existing listing, click here!

If you want to add an additional business, market or fair, just use the same forms again!