the art of manliness


The Art of Manliness 


An online Magazine for Men.  Their main categories are:

  • A Man’s Life
  • Dress & Grooming
  • Health & Sports
  • Manly Skills
  • Money & Career
  • Relationships & Family


Website:  The Art of Manliness

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The Art of Manliness

Ladies-  Have you found a website for your man that boasts rich, lush content -one that they would really like and not just delete again… like everything else you suggest? Gentlemen – what do you read online? Sports, news, Googled content? Here is a website that will tickle your fancy – really.

The Art of Manliness has thousands of daily readers for a good reason.  The content is fresh, good, interesting and fun.  Here are some examples of their articles:


What to Wear on your First Date

the art of manliness dates

How to Develop the Situational Awareness Like Jason Bourne

the art of manliness jason bourne

De-Quasimodo Yourself: 6 Exercises to Counteract Slouching



Going Off Road: Five Epic Escapes into the Great Outdoors

Going Off Road: Five Epic Escapes into the Great Outdoors (click for full article)

But go on over yourself and take a look.

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