by Cassie M. Brewer

Is that a zit? A leftover mark from a breakout? A bit of discoloration? Chances are skin imperfections will crop up at the worst possible times, such as before a first date or important work meeting. But luckily, the latest beauty trends are your magic wand, erasing them so you can show off a flawless face to the world. Here are some of the latest, greatest makeup trends you should know about.



Blur Technology For Flawless Complexions

One of the latest Korean beauty trends is that of blurring your foundation so that it creates a soft, immaculate complexion. Think of it as an Instagram filter for your skin! When applying your foundation, you want to do so in circular motions to create a cloudy appearance without a lot of coverage that can actually enhance what you’re trying to hide.

There are products you can buy that contain this blur technology to smooth out your face so that you get coverage without the caked-on effect. This technology is even finding its way into commercial skincare brands, such as L’Oréal, with skin creams that diffuse the light and give you instant radiance.


Brighten Up Under-Eye Skin

Under-eye dark circles are a common beauty affliction but you can swipe them away. Before you reach for your regular concealer that’s in the same shade as your skin tone, realize that you need other colors and tools to eliminate dark patches.

First, get your hands on a concealer with a creamy consistency that is a shade lighter than your skin and has a golden hue in it. Then you need loose, translucent powder, and finally a brush that contains synthetic bristles which taper at the end. You don’t want animal hair because it will absorb moisture from the concealer, drying it out.

After applying eye cream, wait a few minutes and apply the concealer to the dark patches with your brush, starting from the inner corner of your eye and brushing the product outwards. Finish off with a bit of translucent powder that is applied with an eyeshadow brush.


Concealer Hybrids: The New Makeup Must-Haves

Instead of wearing concealer as a stand-alone product, beauty companies are offering concealers that work double duty for your skin. This is a big trend this year and you can find a range of concealer products that have been blended with other beauty products to give you coverage while treating various skin issues.

Examples include getting rid of under-eye puffiness or covering up blemishes while reflecting light so that your face appears flawless. Using two-in-one products helps you take less time in the mornings to do your makeup, while fewer layers of makeup will also help your concealer hybrid stay put for longer because it’s the only thing applied after moisturizer.

The Focus on ‘Less is Best’

A big trend this year is taking care of your skin so that it looks its best when it is most natural. Treating the skin so that it is younger and free of discoloration means preventing the need for much makeup coverage, allowing you to be a natural beauty. The key is to use skin brightening products that nourish the skin with their infusion of botanical ingredients. These not only make your skin glow but they also treat other skin afflictions, such as dryness, acne scars, and aging skin. Natural ingredients, such as soybeans, coconut and green tea, are finding their way into many skincare products and they’re definitely the way to go, promoting your skin’s health while boosting its radiance so you can thrive without your makeup bag when you’re on the move.


There are a variety of beauty hacks and tricks this year to help you achieve more luxurious skin. So the next time a pimple or uneven skin tone decides to try to ruin your day, send them running for cover.

There are a variety of beauty hacks and tricks this year to help you achieve more luxurious skin. So the next time a pimple or uneven skin tone decides to try to ruin your day, send them running for cover.


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