I am not a professional auto journalist, just a regular driver like you. However I have the opportunity on occasion to see and test the latest cars first hand and talk with the manufacturers.  The goal here is to give you insight into the cars on the market in order to help you make the best car choice for you at this point in your life.    

I lost Bertha, my Suburban last Thanksgiving.  It was not a fun day.  We were driving in a horrible snow storm on our way to visit our son in Maine.  Low and behold, we switched lanes, caught a patch of ice and skidded right off the highway.  The car went straight, sideswiped a giant drainpipe and turned.  No one was hurt, the car didn’t flip, the interior of the car was completely unscathed but the drain pipe had taken out the side of the car and tires.  She had to be put to rest.

Bertha was our second Suburban in 25 years. She had 240,000 miles and if not in this accident, she’d still be on the road today.

Suffice it to say, when I took one look at the GMC Canyon 4 door Pickup Truck, something pulled at my heartstrings. She looked like half of a Bertha,  a medium sized pick up truck with a 6′ long bed.


The GMC Canyon Pickup Truck

The GMC Canyon Pickup’s  four door model with two rows of seats is family ready for any sized person, dog, car seat or grandmother.  Spacious and so comfortable, this is the kind of everyday car that is perfect for taking the kids to school, hauling your boat to the lake for the weekend, making a dump run or taking a road trip for the week with the family. This medium sized truck is small enough to fit into a car-sized garage while giving you all the perks and power of a full sized pick up truck.

GMC Canyon Truck

For full pricing, more information and specifications click to go to Kelley Blue Book

Our Basic Check List


Starting at $22,275  to the top of the line at $34,845


The inside of the Canyon is very quiet, luxurious and fully loaded with all of the new electronics.   One of the best things is it is not overloaded on gadgets.  Although totally appropriate for other cars, when you are dealing with a hard working pick up truck,  you don’t want to have to fidget around – you want it clear cut and simple.  The console is large, the controls are easy to operate on the dash or on the wheel.  The built in 8″ screen, which is now standard in almost all new cars gives you touch screen capabilities or the old familiar knob to change functions.

The GMC Canyon, truck



Electronics can be a make-it or break-it deal for some people when they are looking for a car.  As I said, this is a very simple set of electronics, but loaded with useful capabilities.

  • Apple CarPlay™5 – Hook your Iphone or Smart Phone to the car for entertainment, communications or directions.
  • Use voice recognition to make calls, send or receive texts and play music
  • On Star-  a subscription service, is well worth your while.  Not only does it provide you a hotspot wherever you go, but OnStar itself is a great security and service to have at your beck and call providing emergency service to you even if you are in an accident and unable to make the call and in poor cell areas – you can get turn by turn directions, vehicle diagnostics and stolen car assistance.
  • Intellilink – This sophisticated systyem enables you to to customize your music, smartphone integration and bluetooth and all connectivity.
  • Rear Vision Camera- to see exactly what is behind you
  • USB ports and auxilliary jack
Click here to see a short video on the Canyon's technology

Click here to see a short video on the Canyon’s technology

Performance and Fuel Economy

You have the option of  the new Duramax diesel Engine  -full economy ratings to be released late summer, 2015 but the fuel economy statistics on the other engines are:

The 3.6l  V6 engine gets-  17  mpg in the city/24 mpg on the highway
The 4 Cylinder engine gets 20 mpg in the city/27 mpg on the highway

It also comes with superb driver control technology along with trailer ‘sway’ control.  Find out more about that here.


Looks &  Perks

I love the way this truck looks – strong, powerful and big enough to ride high and get that overview of the road that goes along with driving an SUV.

Besides all the crazy great extras you can opt-in for such as a step bar in black or chrome, bed liners – a matt or sprayed on and 18″ machined aluminum or blackwall tires, the Canyon comes in the following colors:


GMC Exterior Colors for the 2015 Canyon



Besides the standard airbags and rear vision camera, the Canyon comes with daytime running lamps, electronic traction control, a tire pressure monitor system, a stability control system and optional extras available in the SLE model are Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning – all good to have especially when you are hauling a boat or trailer behind you.

All in all, this comfortable yet utilitarian vehicle can be whatever you want it to be wherever you want to drive it. From a good everyday ride to your weekend sport warrior vehicle, I’d put this on the top of my list for the pickup category.


gmc canyon

I attended an event hosted by Heels & Wheels where I drove the Canyon. Pictured here Anita Burke, the chief engineer of the Canyon,  Kristin Barclay of In Deep H20, Jasmine Risso of Simply Real Moms, Kelly Wysocki of GMC



For an in-depth interview with the chief engineer and designer of the Canyon, Anita Burke go on over to  She Buy’s Car with Scotty Reiss.