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How do you know you’ve found your book soulmate? For starters, they know not to interrupt you when you’re in the middle of a chapter. And they, too, would prefer to spend their Saturday night with a book than at the bar. To find out what else makes the perfect book partner, check out Shelf Pleasure’s latest top 10 list—and share it with all the book lovers in your life!

Shelf Pleasure also introduces you to author Siobhan Adcock, who celebrates her debut novel, the psychological thriller, The Barter, with her recommendations for scary reads that will induce chills using nothing more than language and the power of suggestion.

From our weekly Reading Round-Up to the best new books, here are the Shelf Pleasure must-reads:

10 Ways You Know You’ve Found Your Book Soulmate
Can the important people in your life understand or relate to your book obsession? Find out in our newest top 10 list.

The Haunted House Next Door By Siobhan Adcock
Do scary stories always have to take place in “a creaky old house…in a creepy small town”? Author Siobhan Adcock doesn’t think so—and she shares the page-turning reads that take place in the sometimes horrifying suburbs. We always knew a lot went down behind the perfectly manicured façade!

Forgeries at the Louvre By Anne Trager
When editor Anne Trager began translating the French novel, The Collector, an art world mystery set in Paris, she began to wonder if there could really be forgeries in the Louvre. See what she discovered.

Shelf Pleasure Poll
This time around, we want to know how many books you read at once—can you only devote your attention to one or do you prefer to be in the middle of several at once? Let us know!

Reading Roundup
All the book news you may have missed this week because you were too busy reading—including the amazing thing Judy Blume (as if we didn’t love her enough!) did for one married couple.

New Releases
Drop everything! Jennifer Weiner has a new book out this week and we must get our hands on it! Find out our other pick for best new book of the week.


The Bourbon Kings JR Ward

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#1 New York Times bestselling author J.R. Ward has a huge fan base, so we decided it’s time to try her out with The Bourbon Kings, the first book in a brand new series about a modern-day Southern family that’s far too rich for its own good. One reviewer described it as, “Wuthering Heights meets Dynasty” and that’s the perfect description. Such a fun summer indulgence. We might have to go back and read the rest of Ward’s novels!