Loves Me….Not

By Samara O’Shea, Love Columnist for The Daily Basics 


If you are in the 42% of Americans over the age of 18 who are single or suffering from unrequited love, this book is for you.

Samara O’Shea has gone out on a limb here.  She wrote the book for so many, if not ALL of us, who have gone through emotional rejection.  Whether you are single or happily married, this is a fun read.

For you single folks who wish you weren’t…

The bottom line is that you are not alone.  You need this book to help you realize that you do not have five heads, your personality doesn’t stink and you are not repulsive to the one you want.  Actually, you are totally normal.





Samara’s approach is common sense and she delivers it with wit and wisdom.  She touches on topics such as:

    • ‘What’s Wrong with Me’
    • ‘The Benefits of Being Alone’
    • ‘The Disappearing/Reappearing Man’
    • ‘Has Anyone Seen My Self-Esteem?’
    • ‘Digital Rendezvous’
    • ‘You are Not Alone in Being Alone’

and the best one…

  • ‘I Complete Me’

This girl is forthright, bold and she tells it like it is.  Written in the first person, she engages you immediately.  The conversation is current, meaning she is talking in ‘today’ and not yesteryear.  Her dating advice is good, really good and funny. It is also realistic.  You will recognize yourself somewhere in this book with Samara and because of that, you will enjoy the journey of reading ‘Loves Me… Not’.

If you or someone you knows needs a little affirmation on just where you/they are in life, this book might be pretty nice to have during these winter doldrums.  It will lift your spirits and tell you one very important thing.  You are really not alone.

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