Priscilla and Van Halen's Sammy Hagar

Priscilla and Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar

It was  on assignment on my birthday last week in New York and after I checked into the New York Hilton Mid-Town, I was greeted with surprise after surprise. My choice of amenities (breakfast buffet or drinks at the bar – I chose the former) and a gigantic slice of German chocolate cake with a bottle of chilled sparkling wine began the celebrations. My work trip to New York City included celebrity encounters of the fashion, rock and roll legend and news kind as well.


DSC_0354 (1)

Serena Williams new clothing line at Fashion Week

Fashion week was just beginning and I was invited to attend Serena William’s fringe frenzy premiere event for the Home Shopping Network. Super tall, lanky and fabulous looking Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts was front row glowing in a pale pink. Serena’s boyfriend Drake sat next to fashion icon Anna Wintour who tried to look calm despite the DJ playing an uncensored disgusting version of a song that included the “F” word and “N” word multiple times. I am sure that it was not the version intended, but you never know.


Rakia Reynolds

Lifestyle expert Rakia Reynolds

Sensational on air lifestyle expert  Rakia Reynolds was also front and center after her pre-show news segments.

An early dinner in Tribeca at the hot new restaurant Bâtard where native Austrian chef Markus Glocker offers a tasting menu from western European favorites was in order. They greet guests with a glass of champagne – so appreciated! I opted for authentic Austrian cuisine and loved each course. The restaurant has a chic neighborhood vibe.


Stuart Varney

Fox Business News Anchor Stuart Varney of Varney & Company

The all play and no work time did not last long. The next morning I was sent on assignment to interview the personable Fox Business News Anchor Stuart Varney of Varney & Company and spent a couple of hours on set during his live show. A cast of characters and experts were swapped in and out during breaks and breaking news meant consultations via phone and satellite with prominent leaders in industry and politics were patched through. I must admit I was most excited about the segment with Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina.


 Brian Kilmeade

Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends

After my time watching Stuart at work I attended his staff meeting and then spent an hour interviewing him for a future print publication article. My work for the day was technically over, however, upon my departure I stumbled upon a bevvy of fun folks on the street.


Betty Cantrell

Miss America – Betty Cantrell

Comedic co-host Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends morning program was doing a funny bit with Rock & Rock Hall of Fame legend Sammy Hagar of Van Halen. Both guys were hilarious and things got even more over the top when the newly elected Miss America – Betty Cantrell sauntered by, crown and all. Her “handler” did not have a clue who Sammy was and at first demanded he remain 10 feet away to take a photo. Brian swooped in and saved an otherwise embarrassing moment by letting her watchdog know so photos could be taken.

You just never know whom you will run into in NYC – the city that never sleeps and certainly entertains by day, too. Get on a plane or train and see for yourself. Happy travels!