Ever have one of those mornings where in the midst of your routine you look up and it’s about 30 minutes later than you thought (or in my case, many mornings…)?

Since becoming a mom less than a year ago, free time to try on multiple outfits is barely existent—bu a busy morning doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Here I have two different fall looks featuring key basics simply reinvented with some fabulous finds.




Fall Fashion Andrea McHugh

The Basics:  Gap Jeans  and a Ralph Lauren Oxford

In both looks you’ll find my beloved, post-partum Gap 1969 Super Skinny Jeans. I had no idea what jean size I would be after baby and I snatched these up on sale 6 weeks after the little one arrived (because one can only maintain their self-esteem in yoga pants for so long). While I wasn’t completely back to my pre-preggo figure then, the cotton/Spandex blend offered a soft, comfortable fit. Today, though decidedly too big, I’ll throw them on a relaxed, lazy day.

A Polo Ralph Lauren knit Oxford cotton piqué button down shirt is one of those timeless pieces that you can always count on to deliver a tailored look. Tip: avoid looking boxy and flatter your figure by choosing a “skinny” or “slim” fit or splurge for a custom fit.




Maybe it’s from wearing a Catholic school uniform most of my life, but as far as I’m concerned, plaid is rad. I just discovered these great cotton quilted vests by Dizzy Lizzie with ribbon detailing and brass buttons and they’re fabulous. Even paired with a simple, long-sleeve cotton t-shirt, colorful vests add a finished feel while offering an additional layer of warmth.

Orange might be one of the loudest hues in the spectrum but when used in small doses, it adds a whimsical flair. Here I paired a clutch by Mar Y Sol (from Madagascar that is fair trade and made from responsibly sourced raw materials) that was a recent birthday gift with an old scarf in the same shade for a little of the unexpected—isn’t that what personal style is all about.


I finished this look with another darling find: a new Sebago Hutton Chukka boot (because sometimes a girl just needs blue suede shoes)! The handcrafted and artistic mix of natural leather and suede offers an heirloom-feel while cushioning properties and lightweight construction makes the boot especially comfortable. These are an outstanding, chic alternative to the knee-high boots in brown or black that are simply ubiquitous this time of year.



One of fall’s easiest trends to embrace is the poncho. Throw it on over something simple (or something stained, as what sometimes happens when you’re carrying a little one around a lot…). I’m loving this chunky-knit version in emerald from Talbots with a neck-warming button turtleneck. Even better, you’ll find button at the sides that form makeshift “sleeves” so that it doesn’t just hang on you aimlessly.

Finally, the cure to every bad hair day: the hat. You’ll find tons of options in the store this season. I opted for H-Brooklyn, a felt hat from Steve Madden.

Bracelets by Luca + Danni / Earrings by Sorrelli
Photos by Susan Duca

Fall Fashion Shot on location at Newport Vineyards, Middletown RI.