Writing Romance?

Cool it with the Fabio jokes! We’re already big romance readers, but Sarah Kuhn chimes in with her perspective on why WRITING ROMANCE rules. Also on Shelf Pleasure, Kristi Belcamino dishes on her darkly compelling new-to-us mystery series and the best book news of the week includes the next potential Game of Thrones. 


Here are all the stories you shouldn’t miss this week.

Will Travel For Words: You Write What You Eat
Shelf Pleasure contributor Karen A. Chase shares her many journeys, both near and far, in pursuit of interesting stories in her monthly feature, Will Travel for Words. This month, she takes us a little closer to home…and shows us you really are what you eat.

Kristi Belcamino on ‘Blessed Are Those Who Mourn’
Author Kristi Belcamino chats with us about the latest book in her mystery series starring. San Francisco Bay Area reporter Gabriella Giovanni.

Intense Novel Writing and a Library Bonanza
This week’s roundup of literary news includes intense novel writing, a mysterious new book space, and the next Game of Thrones.

True Romance by Sarah Kuhn
The collected edition of The Ruby Equation—writer Sarah Kuhn’s story with artist Sally Jane Thompson for the comics anthology Fresh Romance—is out this week. To celebrate its release, Sarah visits Shelf Pleasure to talk about why romance writing rules.



As for our personal reading:


We’re curling up with Rainbow Rowell’s latest YA novel Carry On, which centers on fictional characters from her previous novel, Fangirl. You should read (and hopefully love!)  Fangirl first, but this is a fun subversive take on fan fiction that fills a nice void for all of us Harry Potter fans.