Fall Inspired Tablescapes

Fall – a time to come back inside, to gather around the table with friends and family to celebrate the bounty of the season.  It is a time to bring out your favorite fall plates, to finally try out those recipes and light the candles in the lanterns you found at the market while on holiday this summer. It’s one of my favorite times of year to create a tablescape to linger over.

In the summer you can get away with a few flowers in a simple glass vase, however come September most farmers markets are overflowing with such gorgeous produce there is no reason to stop there. A centerpiece to embrace the harvest and bounty of the season is a must and can take many forms, colors and themes.  I am usually inspired by what is local and available each week but there are a few favorite themes that are a great starting point for any Fall Harvest or Thanksgiving dinner celebration – add on to them in a way that suits your home, style and guest count.

First Signs of Fall

When the first signs of Fall arrive the fashion world immediately turns to a layered look – recreate this feeling on your table by stacking chargers, leaf plates and linen napkins to create each place setting and then top it off with a mini orange pumpkin as a true marker of the season.


Sunflower Table


Keep the look seasonal by placing a combination of sunflowers and wildflowers in a birch wood vase to add color and texture. Be sure to select only mini pumpkins with perfect stems – it’s the special touches are all in the little details.


For TDB First Signs Of Fall Gathering Tablescape Ideas AnAppealingPlan @KraylFunch 10


The Golden Gourd Tablescape

Metallics are always a huge hit no matter the season. Collect a variety of gourds in all shapes and sizes and spray them with a  shinny gold spray paint. Leave a few of the blue gourds in their nature hue and compliment the display with cut eucalyptus branches in both the round and oblong seeded


For TDB New Autumn Chic Tablescape The Golden Gourd by @KraylFunch 66


Surround your golden gourds with gold accented flatware, chargers and stemware. Spray a few glass votives candle holders in a matching gold tone to keep the theme going. And finally place a small golden gourd or Indian corn on each place setting for guests to take home as a gift to decorate their own home for the remainder of the season.


For TDB New Autumn Chic Tablescape The Golden Gourd by @KraylFunch (70)


A Fall Harvest Tablescape

There is no wrong way to layout a fall harvest table, simply head to your local farmers market and find inspiration in the colors and textures in the baskets. A few of my favorites are late season eggplants for their incredible color variations and artichokes for their amazing texture variations. Tuck in a few deep purple mums and drying hydrangeas, light the lanterns and the tone is set for hours of conversation.


For TBD Fall Harvest Table image from An Appealing Plan the book by Krayl Funch 793


Let the produce be the star of this tablescape – keep the place settings simple by using white cotton napkins wrapped in a grapevine cutting to secure the shape.


For TBD Fall Harvest Table image from An Appealing Plan the book by Krayl Funch 6760


Use these tablescapes as an inspirational starting point, and then bring in touches that personalize your table. Remember that in the end, it is more important who is around the table than what is on the table. Great friends and family are the ultimate accessory.