by Cassie Brewer

Get Holiday Party Ready with This Accessory and Holiday Makeup Guide

Holidays are the perfect time to play around with accessories and makeup to find the perfect party look. If you’re not sure where to start, help is at hand. Here are some of the best accessory and holiday makeup beauty tips to make it a memorable holiday.


Get Radiant Vacation Skin

With holiday parties come alcohol, lack of sleep and lots of comfort food. Although it’s okay to indulge a bit, you don’t want to overdo things as this will show up on your skin. Get better skin by sneaking in these tips during your partying. Remember that the barely-there makeup idea is still a trend so you want your skin to be healthy and radiant – naturally.

● Exfoliate your skin for extra radiance. It rids your skin of dead cells so that it can look fresh and young. Always finish off exfoliation with moisturizer to lock in that softness. Aim to exfoliate at least once a week. Here’s an idea: turn it into some pampering time or book a luxurious scrub at the spa.

● Try to get more sleep. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it. Sleeping for eight hours a night gives your skin a chance to de-stress and regenerate, plus no one wants to have to cake foundation over those under-eye dark circles that appear when you’re tired!

● Stay hydrated. It’s easy to forget to drink water during the colder months but you can still get dehydrated. This shows up on your skin in the form of accentuated fine lines and dryness.

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Bejewel Your Eyes

Forget the shimmery and shiny eyeshadows that can be a little too overdone, even during the festive season. Instead, choose richer jewel tones on your eyes. A smoky eye done in forest green or royal blue is breath-taking and a really easy way to update your beauty routine.

bejewel your eyes


Get the Right Lip Trend

Lipstick trends this season go across the spectrum from nude shades to fiery reds. If you like something a little more natural but not totally nude, the stained lip is a perfect middle ground.
It involves dabbing some colour onto your lips, concentrating on higher saturation in the middle which then leaks out towards the edges. It should look like you’ve just bitten into a delicious berry. It’s an easy way to add some colour to your face without having to touch up your high-maintenance lipstick halfway into the celebrations.


Bling is in the Details

Small bursts of bling are the name of the game this season, so don’t be afraid to add some shiny jewelry to your outfit in small doses. Choose items that are really striking and wear them in places you wouldn’t normally. For instance, if you have a gorgeous brooch, pin it to the shoulder of your pullover. Another idea is to wear a shiny hair accessory if your hairstyle is reserved. Wearing diamonds that are in different shapes, such as a heart-shaped diamond ring, is a trend for the year and a lovely way to make your jewelry more filled with character. These ideas really take your outfit to a new level without much work.

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Make a Statement with Your Neck

You might not wear your necklaces during winter because you’re wearing so many clothes that cover your neck, but you shouldn’t miss out on their prettiness. This season, wear your necklaces over your jerseys and pullovers to make a style statement. Choose something really striking, though. Perhaps it can be a necklace made from an interesting metal, such as brass, or it can make use of pearls (both brass and pearls are big this season). Whatever you choose, flaunt it! Another idea is to wear chokers. This 90s fashion trend is back in a big way and it’s a lovely way to show off your neck if you’re wearing a V-necked sweater or coat.

Concentrating on beauty and accessories can really enhance your appearance. With the above tips, you’ll be ready to celebrate the holidays in style!