Finding Christmas gift ideas for a college student can be difficult. They don’t have a lot of space for extra big items and they already have all the essential college gear. Here are some practical gift ideas that a college student is sure to love.


Noise cancellation headphones are great for long nights studying in the library when earbuds would normally irritate your ears or for blocking out your loud roommate.  This could be one of the best Christmas gift ideas ever! I like these Soundtrue Headphones from Bose ($180).

Coffee Maker

I don’t know a single college student that doesn’t live on coffee. With late-night studying it can be easier to have coffee available in the dorm room instead of going to the cafeteria every time the coffee craving hits. Most colleges let students have single serving coffee-makers, which makes Keurig Mini Plus ($80) a great Christmas gift idea for college students.


A nice backpack is important for college students. With all the back-breaking text books being carried around constantly it is important to have a quality backpack that stands the test of time. I also like to think of backpacks as an accessory, they have to look good! I like the brand Hershel Backpacks, specifically the Heritage backpack ($55), because they are high quality while being stylish.

Subscription Box

The gift that keeps on giving! Subscription boxes have become a huge industry the past few years with so many to choose from. Most college students don’t have a big disposable income so getting a few new products every month is a nice day booster and the boxes come with handy items like shampoo and face wash, who doesn’t need those? BirchBox ($30-110) offers boxes for both men and women and comes with a nice range of items. One of my favorite Christmas gift ideas!

Portable Charger

Let’s be honest, Millennials constantly have their phone on them and phones need to be charged. Portable chargers are very convenient for charging a phone during class or in the library while everyone is huddled around the wall sockets or going on day trips during the weekend with friends and not having access to a plug. The mophie charger ($35-50) is compact and comes in multiple levels of charge.