Making your own homemade Christmas ornaments and decorations adds that special touch to your holiday. You can engage the kids or grandkids to help and if you do it a few years running, it becomes a family tradition. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Family, traditions and memories?


Dried Apples and Ribbon

These dried fruits of apples, pears and oranges can be hung anywhere you’d like. They look great on the Christmas tree or on your green wreath. Etsy owner, Sharon Pacheco dries these fruits and attaches them with raffia. Go to her Etsy shop to order.

Dried Apple Ornaments

Dried Apple Ornaments from Honey Tea Thyme on Etsy


Katy Elliot

Katy Elliot is a clever gal who is journaling the renovation of restoring her 260 year old house in Marblehead, Massachussets. Along the way, she talks about her creative lifestyle and shares some how-to’s such as this post on how to make salt dough Christmas ornaments.


Katy Elliot has easy to follow directions on how to make your own dough ornaments


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A Very Country Christmas

A Very Country Christmas made this Christmas garland with cranberries, popcorn and cookies. Blogger, Veronica Salinas shares crafts and recipes for the holiday season. You might want to poke around her site a bit for some other ideas that will tickle your holiday fancy!

Cranberry, Popcorn and Cookie garland

Cranberry, Popcorn and Cookie garland


Buy a few boxes of glass Christmas balls in different sizes and varieties. All this takes is a green wreath and floral wire. Attach the balls and you have a festive decoration. If you want to make it ‘for keeps’, opt for a wreath form in straw or grape vine from your local craft store and attach the balls to it. Stick sprigs of pine into it to bring it to life. For more wreath ideas, click here and go to the Good Housekeeping article for more ideas.

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