Hi Fellow Readers!

Happy New Year! In case you missed our big announcement, we’re kicking off the New Year with our Shelf Pleasure 2016 Reading Challenge. We know how busy life can get so we’re aiming to take time out each week and devote it to reading one book. Think you can reach 52 books in 52 weeks? Give it a go! Join the challenge to share your progress, motivate others, and offer reading recommendations.

Here are the must-reads on Shelf Pleasure this week—including our reading resolutions:

Shelf Pleasure’s 2016 Reading Challenge, Week 1
Welcome to week one of our challenge! Get all the details on how the challenge works here.

Reading Resolutions for 2016
Welcoming in a New Year wouldn’t be complete without a few resolutions, right? To that end, here are our top 10 resolutions, from recommitting to book club to taking a break from e-books. And make sure to share your resolution in our latest Shelf Pleasure poll!

All about the Authors: 2016 Book Wish List
The group of publishing professionals at All about the Authors has put together a list of what they’re looking forward to reading in 2016—including new and not-so-new titles, fiction and non-fiction.

Statute of Limitation on Spoilers By Steve P. Vincent
How do you feel about spoilers? Steve P. Vincent, author of the Jack Emery series of political thrillers, explains why we’re overdoing the spoiler alert…and he just may have a point.

Real Police Work Isn’t Always a Page-Turner By Neal Griffin
Neal Griffin is a 25 year law enforcement veteran who has seen it all, from routine patrols to drug busts to homicide investigations. Now he’s bringing that real life experience to the page….but it turns out there’s a big difference.


a wrinkle in time

Book 1 of 52: Shelf Pleasure’s 2016 Reading Challenge


For our first book of 2016, we’re rereading an old favorite, A Wrinkle in Time. We haven’t picked it up since elementary school, so it is very interesting to read it as an adult. One thing that has changed: we don’t find it as scary as we did back when we were kids, reading under our covers with a flashlight. But no matter how old we get, we still can’t quite wrap our heads around the concept of a “tesser”. We’re savoring every page, but we should be done in time to start a new book on Sunday. Make sure you share your first book and progress in the comments or on our Facebook page!

Happy reading!