Into Wine: An Invitation to Pleasure

French Sommelier, Olivier Magny has a wine bar/school in Paris called O Chateau. Stop by when you are there!


 Wine Lessons

Are you a wine lover, but you get a little lost when the party conversation gets around to varietals and appellations? Do your eyes glaze over when you’re faced with choosing a special bottle at the wine store, from the hundreds of choices? It’s enough to drive you–well, to drink.

Time to ramp up your wine education with wine lessons, and have fun doing it. Even if you’re already an expert, you’ll love French sommelier Olivier Magny’s book, Into Wine: An Invitation to Pleasure. Olivier is young, hip, irreverent, and owns the best little wine bar (and wine school) in Paris, called O Chateau. The book is entertaining, readable, and will tell you everything you need to know about wine, French or otherwise. His passion for and celebration of wine shines through on every page.

Olivier starts with the all-important concept of terroir (a French word for which there is no English translation), which he believes is the soul and spirit of good wine. From there he takes us through the process of how wine is made and marketed (including some very scary info on wine additives to avoid, which you really should know), then on to how to select it, drink it, and appreciate it.

I chatted at length with Olivier about his new book; to read the full interview, you’re invited to my blog at Southern Fried French. You can also follow Olivier’s on-going wine adventures on his blog at O Chateau.

By the way, an American friend who went to Paris is a fan of Olivier’s blog at O Chateau, and his wine bar was tops on her places-to-visit list in Paris. She went, and ended up chatting with him for an hour over a glass of vino. I’ve had a great tasting meal there as well–his wine bar is as approachable as his book. Be sure to visit if you’re in Paris!

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