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After days stuck inside due to snow and more snow, we’re ready to cut a little loose. Scott M. Deitche, author of Cocktail Noir: From Gangsters and Gin Joints to Gumshoes and Gimlets, is on Shelf Pleasure sharing the recipe for the cocktail he created to reflect the subject of his new book. We’ll be crafting the delicious libation at our next book club—and we suggest you do the same.

Our west coast office is gearing up for Book’d in Burbank, one of our fave Los Angles literary events. This entertaining evening of author readings, mingling, and literary comedy takes place on January 28th. The participating authors are on Shelf Pleasure revealing the books they’re most excited to read in 2016.

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The Cocktail Noir Cocktail
Catering to lovers of the well-written word and the well-mixed drink, Scott M. Deitche’s Cocktail Noir is a lively look at the intertwining of alcohol and the underworld―represented by authors of crime both true and fictional and their glamorously disreputable characters. Deitche shares the recipe for the books’ signature cocktail.

Book’d in Burbank: New Year, New Reads
See which authors are participating in the next Book’d in Burbank event and find out the books they’re eager to read in 2016.

Marni Graff’s Favorite Reads
If you love mysteries and suspense novels, then you must check out mystery author Graff’s list of the best books in the genre for the past year.

Best New Books of the Week
Can’t handle the cold? Warm up with these hot new reads that just came out this week!

Reading Roundup: Making a Murderer, The Book?
From the new Nancy Drew series coming (soon, we hope!) to CBS to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” tale on Twitter, here’s all the reading news you may have missed this week.

Shelf Pleasure Poll
As the first month in Shelf Pleasure’s 2016 reading challenge comes to a close, we want to know how many books you made it through in January. Take the poll and see how you compare!

spiders web


Book 4 of 52 – Shelf Pleasure’s 2016 Reading Challenge:


This week, we’re deep in the world of cyber espionage in The Girl in the Spider’s Web, the latest installment in the bestselling Millennium Series (aka The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Though we felt some trepidation to return to the series after the death of the original author, Stieg Larsson, so far this book does not disappoint. It’s a page-turning thriller that finds hacker extraordinaire Lisbeth Salandar teaming up with journalist Mikael Blomkvist to discover why a famous computer scientist was murdered. But when they realize the implications behind his stolen research, they must untangle a web of spies, cybercriminals, and governments before it’s too late.

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