by Cassie Brewer

Disconnect and Dream!

Why You Should Have a Digital Detox in South America If posting pictures of your travels on Instagram is one of the highlights of your holiday, then you’re probably in need of a digital detox. When traveling to dreamy South America, there are great reasons for you to leave the gadgets behind. Here is how it will increase the joy of your trip.

Travel Off the Beaten Path

When last did you have a holiday without lots of people and the hustle of city of life around you?It sounds great, but it doesn’t have to remain a fantasy. There are many hidden gems in the flavorful continent of South America that will give you the chance to kick back and recharge your batteries. So, unplug your gadgets and head over to a tranquil, rejuvenating location. An example is Uruguay, that’s packed with serene beaches and subtropical climates. Absorb every moment with your eyes instead of your cell phone camera and immerse yourself into the holiday experience.


Clear the Digital Fog

Technology is often synonymous with stress, perhaps more than you realise. You don’t want to spend your holiday worrying over lost cell phone signals, adapters, cables or Wi-Fi plans on the continent.Research has found that technology is connected to issues such as depression, sleep problems and stress. If you’re finding it difficult to relax while on holiday, perhaps the culprit is that constantly beeping phone.


Absorb Your Surroundings

You don’t want your obsession with technology to cause you to miss the beauty that is all around you because you’re staring at your screen or holding your phone up to the sky to try to get a signal. Make it a rule when you travel that the only communication you will have is with real people. That means asking around for directions, having quality time with your family members who are traveling with you, reading a book on the beach (instead of on your device), using a paper map and sharing your wonder of the gorgeous landscape with those that are next to you, not strangers on your social media.Instead of describing the beauty of the Caño Cristales, (otherwise known as the River of Five Colors) in Colombia, jump into it to really live in the moment!

nature walk


Reconnect with Nature

If you live in a big city where technology and modern marvels rule your days, you should make the most of resorts that don’t offer you access to the phone and internet. But don’t worry: they offer you much more by giving you the opportunity to reconnect with nature. For instance, in Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, you have eco-friendly bungalows that are situated right inside the rainforest. Enjoy the sights of beautiful flora and monkeys swinging from tree to tree, while basking in the relaxing sounds of birds and crickets.

If you’re wondering what you’ll do with your time when you’re not connected to a device, rest assured that you’re guaranteed many exciting adventures. These include the Ilha Grande in Brazil where hiking trails lead you to gorgeous secluded beaches; historical architecture in Cartagena, Colombia’s memorable Old Town; exploring Machu Picchu in Peru, a lost Incan city that offers a striking and exceptional archaeological site; and spotting wildlife in the volcanic Galápagos Islands.

Bask in the Travel Benefits

Now that your gadgets are unplugged and you’re immersing yourself in the beauty and culture of South America, it’s good to know that you’re also on your way to achieving greater perspective on life. Research has found that removing yourself from your everyday life and environment helps to give you greater perspective on life and yourself. So allow yourself to be free and open to gaining greater clarity (and perhaps a few lightbulb moments!) about life, the world, and yourself – which just shows you how crucial it is to disconnect from stress back homeas well as the gadgets that remind you of that stress! You want to feel that you are somewhere else and there’s no better place in which to do that than a gorgeous South American country which offers you a different culture and unforgettable landscapes.


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When traveling to an exciting continent like South America, be sure to start a digital detox beforeyou arrive. Allow your five senses to be captivated; enjoy every single moment and adventure. You won’t even miss technology, we promise.