Hi Fellow Readers!

This week on Shelf Pleasure, we’re thrilled to start the second month of our 2016 Reading Challenge. We hope you’re still reading along with us! This is one resolution that we’ve had no trouble sticking to—unlike our fledgling commitment to going to the gym. And please keep your book picks coming. Your recommendations are providing inspiration to us and your fellow challengers.

Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday? Even if you aren’t a fan of the game, we have plenty of suggestions on how to spend the day – bookworm style!

This week’s Shelf Pleasure must-reads:

Trailer: The BFG
The new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s movie adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG is simply wonderful.



Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
What’s a bookworm who doesn’t know the difference between a touchdown and a field goal to do during the Super Bowl? Here are a few Shelf Pleasure approved suggestions.

Best New Books of the Week
Short stories and historical fiction dominate our picks for best new books of the week.

Reading Roundup: Book Super Heroes
Is book publishing too white? Who saved New York’s oldest indie bookstore from extinction? And why will public domain books no longer suffer from boring covers? Find out the answers and more in this week’s roundup of reading news.

Shelf Pleasure Poll
Do you judge a book by its cover? In our latest Shelf Pleasure poll, we want to know how important the cover is in determining if you’ll read the book.




Book 5 – Shelf Pleasure’s 2016 Reading Challenge


We can’t put down Mercy Brown’s Loud Is How I Love You. This New Adult debut looks like it could be a reincarnation of one our all time favorite reads, Blake Nelson’s Girl. Set in the early 90s indie rock scene, Loud centers around 21-year-old front girl EmmyLou and her secret hookups with her best friend…and the band’s guitar player. That kind of relationship has busted up more than a few bands. Emmy is determined not to let that happen to the most important thing in her life….but maybe it’s time for Emmy to reassess her priorities.

What is your 5th book of 2016 (or more, if you’re reading faster than us!) Share in the comments or on our Facebook page!