The French Menu

I do not take French food lightly. I am not classically trained but I do have a habit of changing every recipe I read. Why? Because a recipe is a starting point not a bible. The problem is French food is “the bible.”  The following romantic dinner will be classically French.

After moving to this fascinating and lovely town of Hillsborough, North Carolina a town that was introduced to us by friends Frances and Ed Mayes, we fell instantly in love.  This Romantic French dinner will be served on Valentine’s Day this year with 12 new friends. It will be delightful, our dinner guest are nationally known authors, a food editor and renown cookbook author, food lovers, two college professors and world travelers. We have entertained them before, but French –  I’ve challenged my inner je nais se qua? These people who love food and friends are so very forgiving and I know will appreciate the old college try.

A French Cheese Plate can be served before the meal with a lovely Billecart-Salmon Rose Champagne or after the main course.  Be sure to a small pot of honey, nuts and maybe some grapes.

Krasimir Argirov