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Calling all grammar nerds! If you’re the type to go crazy when you see “they” or “their” used instead of “he” or “she,” then you must read author Neil Plakcy’s rant on Shelf Pleasure this week. Should the English language have a non-gender specific pronoun for use on human beings?

Must Reads

From reading recommendations to author insights on books and writing, here are the must-reads on Shelf Pleasure this week:

Writing The Forgotten Room
The Forgotten Room is a collaboration from New York Times bestselling authors Karen White, Beatriz Williams, and Lauren Willig. As they each worked on their sections separately, the
three authors share where they write—and why.

On Pronouns By Neil Placky
Neil Plakcy writes a series of golden retriever mysteries inspired by his own goldens. He stops by Shelf Pleasure with a rant on pronouns all word nerds can relate to.

Who’s in Bed with Me By Emily Barnes
The only way to be a beautiful writer is to read beautiful writing. Mystery author Emily Barnes shares the beautiful books that have shaped her as a writer.

Writing as a Lifeline By Celeste Fletcher McHale
When author Celeste Fletcher McHale received devastating news about a loved one, she did the only thing she could…begin writing.

Reading Roundup: Closet Bookworms
The new Harry Potter book and authors who hate the movie versions of their books top this week’s best book news. Find out what else you may have missed!

Best New Books
These long, cold, and dark winter nights call out for atmospheric suspense thrillers and these two more than fit the bill. Read at your own risk.


Maybe in another lifeFor week 7 of the Shelf Pleasure 2016 Reading Challenge

We’re spending time with Maybe in Another Life by our Taylor Jenkins Reid. Similar in concept to one of our favorite movies, Sliding Doors, the story is told in concurrent storylines, following almost 30-year-old Hannah as she tries to grow up and sort out her life. The novel explores such questions as: Does it matter which path you take? Will life find a way of making sure you end up exactly where you’re supposed to be? For anyone who wonders about fate and destiny, this is a story for you. What are you reading this week? Share in the comments or on our Facebook page!