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This week’s Shelf Pleasure featured author is Leigh Adams, author of Hostile Witness. Adams reveals her book addiction (obsession may be more accurate) that has led to rooms in her house being filled with piles of books instead of furniture. Adams explains why she can’t throw out any books and shares the three titles she will read over and over again.

From reading recommendations to the best book news of the week, here are the must-reads on Shelf Pleasure:

Books Everywhere… By Leigh Adams
Adams talks about her love of books and reading, and shares the titles that have influenced her the most.

Gary D. Wilson on Getting Right
Wilson’s work has been recommended for a Pushcart Prize and he was a finalist for the Iowa Short Fiction Award and the Drue Heinz Literary Prize. He talks to us about his latest novel, Getting Right.

Reading Roundup: They See Me Rowlin’
Let’s hear it for the girls! Thanks to the success of blockbuster female authors in 2015, bookstores saw a much-needed increase in sales—for the first time since 2007. In this week’s roundup of book news, find out which books led the charge.

Best New Books
Looking for a new read? From romance to fantasy, see our picks for the best new books of the week!

Shutter Island Dennis Lehane


What We’re Reading: Week 8 of the 2015 Reading Challenge


Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island is our 8th book pick for the 2016 Shelf Pleasure Reading Challenge (52 books in 52 weeks!!). Two United States Marshals head to a creepy island to find a patient that escaped the mental hospitals that populate it…but nothing there is as it seems. We’re still discussing all the twists and turns…and the ending will stick with us long after we’re done. Share your current read with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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