Anti-Aging Care Might Not Be As Hard As You Think

by Cassie Brewer

Time has caused your wrinkles but you don’t always have time to deal with them. Sound familiar? If eliminating lines and wrinkles feels like it will take lots of time and energy, the good news is that it doesn’t have to. Here are some smart skincare tips to turn back the clock easily.


Avoid the Sun

Although you might love sunning yourself, UV exposure is bad for your skin. It destroys collagen that keeps skin firm and elastic, while boosting the skin’s production of melanin, which can cause pigmentation. Avoiding the sun as much as you can and always wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen when you can’t prevent exposure is a must to keep your skin youthful and evenly-toned.

anti aging sun



Choose Intelligent Beauty

Makeup and skincare products have evolved a lot in recent years. They’re not just about accentuating your physical features, but also nourishing your skin. Look for ingredients that keep your skin youthful, such as green tea extract and retinoids. While green tea helps to fight free radicals that can speed up signs of ageing, retinoids are derived from Vitamin A that boosts collagen production. Another great skincare ingredient is hyaluronic acid that is naturally produced by the body. It is known as a humectant because it pulls water from the air into your skin, keeping it beautifully hydrated so wrinkles look less noticeable.



Take Your Time to Rub

Don’t just slap on that moisturizer in the morning – really take your time to rub in your skincare products. This will keep your skin more hydrated and gives the products a chance to work. The bonus is that by taking time to apply products you will increase blood circulation to your skin, which will give you a fresh, glowing complexion.

anti aging 2


Scrub Your Skin

You should aim to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to eliminate dead cells that accumulate on the surface, making it look dry or dull. Dry skin is ageing because it makes wrinkles more pronounced, so you want to scrub your skin to keep it smooth and moisturized. Use an alpha-hydroxy acid exfoliator, such as glycolic acid, to get rid of dead skin while encouraging new cells to grow. Glycolic acid is great for youthful-looking skin because it also decrease wrinkles and firms the skin.


Try Face Yoga

You might do some yoga for your body but what about your face? Face yoga is an easy and inexpensive way to exercise the muscles in your face so you keep them firm and young. It’s really simple to do and you can do it in the car or while preparing dinner. One of the exercises you can try is to press your middle fingers into the skin on the inner points of your eyebrows. At the same time, press the outer corners of your brows with your index fingers. Make sure you are looking up when you do this and then squint your eyes, before relaxing them. Repeat this six times.

Sneak in a Probiotic Supplement

As you know, it’s not just the products you use on your skin that make it look good but what you eat. Probiotic-rich foods, such as yogurt and kefir, help to encourage good bacteria in your gut which reduces inflammation all over your body. This also has a positive impact on your skin because when your gut is overflowing with bad bacteria this can cause acne, which is a type of inflammation. By eating probiotics regularly or taking a probiotic supplement, you can keep your skin looking healthy and young.


There are many ways to gain a more youthful complexion without having to change your lifestyle or skincare routine too much. Follow the above quick tips to embrace younger, healthier skin.