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As many an author will tell you, writing and getting a book published often means a lot of blood, sweat and tears. But when that glorious day comes when your book is in print, it’s party time! For author Sonia Farnsworth, who finally published her first novel 25 years after she started writing it, a celebration was certainly in order. This week on Shelf Pleasure, Farnsworth takes us inside the launch party for Losing the Plot in LA at famed Los Angeles restaurant, El Coyote.


New books, spring cleaning and the 2016 Shelf Pleasure reading challenge are the must-reads this week:

Losing the Plot in LA By Sonia Farnsworth
Farnsworth takes us inside El Coyote, her favorite hangout of all time and a key locale in her new novel, for her book launch party.

On My Nightstand By Judith Flanders
New York Times bestselling author Flanders shares the diverse reads currently ready to go on her nightstand. Not a surprise from an author known for 19th century British history and modern day crime fiction.

Shelf Pleasure Poll: Spring Cleaning
March means spring cleaning! Will you be able to part with any of your beloved books? Let us know in our new Shelf Pleasure poll.

Reading Roundup: Girl on a Bestseller
Are you caught up on all the book news? Here’s what you need to know about The X Files, the oldest bookstore in America, the future of YA, and more.

Best New Books
Our picks for best new books of the week include a suspenseful thriller, a mystery and a contemporary romance.


We’re on book #9 of our Shelf Pleasure 2016 Reading Challenge.

what remains of me

This week we’re curling up with one of our can’t miss authors, Alison Gaylin. Her new novel, What Remains of Me, is a suspenseful, creepy spine tingler set against one of our favorite backdrops, Hollywood. Seventeen-year-old Kelly Lund became an instant media sensation when she shot and killed an Oscar-nominated director. Finally enjoying freedom after a long prison stint, the past comes back to haunt Kelly when her movie star father-in-law is shot and killed in the exact same way. But this time Kelly has friends ready to help prove that she didn’t commit either murder. We’re looking forward to staying up super late with this one!