Hi Fellow Readers!

We know spring is right around the corner: The temps are rising, it’s not pitch black when we leave the office and daylight saving time is this weekend. Though we relish the extra time before the sun goes down, losing that hour can be a nuisance, especially for us book lovers. This week on Shelf Pleasure, we offer a few suggestions in order to make sure you don’t lose any valuable reading time.

Here are this week’s Shelf Pleasure must-reads.

Bookworms Guide to Daylight Saving 
Check your calendars! We spring ahead this weekend—which means one less hour to read. Before you panic, see our Shelf Pleasure suggestions for fitting in that last chapter (hint: #booksoverbed)

A Poetic Delay By Karen A. Chase
Shelf Pleasure contributor Karen A. Chase shares her journeys near and far in the pursuit of stories in her regular feature, Will Travel for Words. This month, she finds pleasure and inspiration in a surprising spot, during an airport layover.

Reading Roundup: Open Your Own Seaside Bookstore
Do you have a few extra vacation days to use? Find out how you can operate a bookshop in a small Scottish town. Sounds like a perfect vacay to us! In other book news, it might be time to revisit your Harry Potter collection as some are worth more than $50,000.

Best New Books
A new book in the long-running Shopaholic series and a much buzzed about literary short story collection from an award winning author are the reads we can’t wait to dive into this week.


American Girls



Week 10, book 10 of the Shelf Pleasure 2016 Reading Challenge!

We’re diving into a true horror story: American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers by Nancy Jo Sales. Sales interviewed hundreds of girls, ages 13 to 19, from throughout the United States. It is a depressing and important wake up call. Hopefully this book will ignite a dialog on what we can do to change the direction of our future.

Happy reading!