Decorating Easter Eggs with Magazine Stylist, Karin Lidbeck

The Playful Egg


Decorating Easter Eggs is a huge part of my Easter celebration, While many people think egg decorating is for kids, it’s really the adults that have the most fun with it. I love the challenge of creating different egg designs every year whether it is for a magazine article or for my own table.

When I was in my 20’s I learned the art of decoupaging eggs with paper napkins. There are so many gorgeous decorative cocktail napkins to choose from so you can custom design your eggs depending on what you love. The technique is easy and so gratifying!

One thing I’ve have learned is that one idea can be done a thousand ways and never look the same. These projects created for Good Housekeeping magazine, years apart, prove the point, Same technique, napkin decoupaged produced two very different looks.


front rotating grid



Choose a napkin with well defined floral pattern like the pansy, in which case you want the design to be small enough for the egg.



Find pretty paper napkins that you like



  • Mod podge decoupage glue
  • Small soft brush
  • Hard boiled eggs – white eggs or eggs that are dyed light pastel colors
  • Optional: egg cup – Use egg cup to hold the egg as you work on them.


Cover the egg with paper designs to your preference.

Cover the egg with paper designs to your preference.

Step One:

Pull apart the napkin layers . Use the top layer to decoupage. Use small nail scissors to cut around the individual design. Cutting small slits around the shape will allow the paper to bend over the curves of the egg.



Smooth out the wrinkles with the brush as you apply the glue

Smooth out the wrinkles with the brush as you apply the glue

Step Two:

Brush a very thin layer of white craft glue over the area of the egg where the paper is applied. Place the paper on the glued area . As you brush on the glue, smooth out the wrinkles in the napkin and add another thin layer of glue over the napkin design after it dries.





  • For a fun look, place polkas dots, paisley and floral patterns randomly cut and overlapped to create overall patterns.
    – When using an overall pattern or geometric pattern cut the paper in small ½” geometric shapes.
    – Decoupage onto the egg, butt paper edges until the entire egg is covered with pattern.



Visit Karin’s website for great styling tips for your own home!

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