Hi Fellow Readers!

Spring is here (close, enough) and if the warmer weather isn’t enough cause for excitement, the season brings with it some fresh new reads. This week on Shelf Pleasure, find out which titles you must add to your reading list, from bestselling favorites to buzzworthy debuts. Now we need to find the perfect outdoor reading spot.


Here are this week’s Shelf Pleasure must-reads.

2016 Spring Reads
A new season of books is almost upon us! Here are the top five titles we can’t wait to read this spring.

Don’t Tell Mom What I Read By Kennedy Quinn
Ever hesitate to own up to what books you like you to read (erotic fantasy, anyone?)? Quinn shares her favorite books that she’s (sometimes) too embarrassed to share.

Libby Fischer Hellmann’s Nightstand
Award winning author Libby Fischer Helllmann share the titles currently on her “A” list.

Reading Roundup: Fake Bestsellers
The big business behind the adult coloring craze, the man who turned a fake book into a bestseller and Harper Lee’s will make up the book news you need to know.



It’s week 11, book #11 in Shelf Pleasure’s 2016 Reading Challenge.

This week we picked up Mary Burton’s I’ll Never Let You Go. Four years ago, Leah Carson’s husband almost succeeded in killing her. He died in a car accident as he fled from the cops. She’s trying to start over…but mysterious things keep happening (slashed tires, missing keys, hang ups) that make her wonder whether her husband has come back from the dead. When her new best friend is murdered, Leah has to put all her trust in a sexy federal agent. There’s more suspense than romance in this “romantic suspense”, but that works for us as we’ve already jumped out of our seat a couple of times. Read with the lights on!

Until next week, happy reading!