What’s the Secret to an easy Spring Spuce Up on a Tight Budget? Interior Accents!

By Marina Glazman


For most of us, the main spaces we inhabit are the home and the workplace. How do you keep these environments happy, comfortable, stimulating and inspiring as we go from winter to spring? Some smart decorating choices can make all the difference. Tasteful home accents can revitalize your house, apartment and office and breathe some new life into your living and working spaces.

I know what you’re thinking: “redecorating means major expense. And I don’t need any more major expenses.”

But a redecorating project doesn’t have to deplete your life saving. Here are some easy home accent tips to upgrade your day-to-day environments, while sidestepping a hefty credit card bill.


The Power of Pillows

shiraleah pillows for a quick spring spuce up

Pillows are the perfect statement pieces to add to any living space, whether it be on a couch, bed or chair. Picking the right texture and color can really transition the flow of the room and add value. By incorporating bold colors, pillows will add pizazz to any room.



Art for the People

Art captures the mood of the room. Without any art, a house seems uninviting and boring. Just a couple paintings, posters, framed photographs or sculptures can take a room from drab to fab. If you (like me) weren’t blessed with Michelangelo’s talent, there are now sites like art.com that will help you find pieces you love at any budget.


spring spruce up with art from oliver galA Source of Light

You don’t just need a light to brighten up a room, you need a cool lamp to lighten up the mood! Lamps and lighting fixtures can add a bold and welcoming look inside your home. Lamps can add the OMG factor to any boring space. Wayfair has a huge selection of artful lighting pieces, from table and desk lamps to tall floor lamps, that gives any room an extra shine.



What’s Your Accent?

It’s always important to add your own personality into your living or working space. Adding accent pieces that reflect your style will make your environment unique. I personally love accent baskets as a home décor choice. They can add character to a room, while doubling up as great storage spaces (which really satisfies my practical side). Ashley Furniture Home Store offers a nice selection of cute accent baskets that make a home homey.



Curtains Up!

So you don’t want to change your wall color but you need a major change in the living room? The answer is colorful curtains! Curtains like the Murgrona from Ikea, change up your typical color pallet and cheer up a room in no time.


The Office

Work can be draining, but the right décor can have you actually enjoy spending time at your desk. Sprucing up your office can give you the encouragement and positive energy boost to get things done. Suitely’s Contemporary Color: Touch of Style is designed to dazzle all the senses and inspire you to tackle that to-do list!


Marina Glazman is Founder and CEO of Suitely.com, an online home furnishings retailer selling easy to shop, designer-styled interiors for a fraction of retail prices.