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This week on Shelf Pleasure we’re eagerly anticipating the big screen debut of two of our favorite books and indulging our secret fantasies with five must-read romantic fantasy novels. Is it getting hot in here?

5 Must-Read Romantic Fantasy Novels
Nothing like a romantic fantasy novel to get you in the mood. Author Stephanie Burgis has a reading list all romance fans need to check out.

Book to Screen: Me Before You & Bridget Jones
Two new trailers based on two of our favorite books are out! Make sure you’re caught up before they hit the big screen—and let us know what you think of the casting picks.


you before me

Me Before You

bridget jones

Bridget Jones BABY?


Reading Roundup: The Perfect Cover Model
In the best book news of the week, find out what it takes to become a romance novel cover model, which publisher once rejected JK Rowling and what Black Beauty and Wuthering Heights have in common.

Best New Books of the Week
Even if you’re not on spring break, you’ll want to make time for these new reads releasing today.


sophie kinsella shopoholic


This is week 14 of our 2016 Reading Challenge!


We’re visiting with an old friend, Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood), in Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic to the Rescue. Honestly, we took a break from Becky for awhile because her adventures started feeling a little silly. This time Becky and her closest friends, her ever patient husband, and her young daughter embark on an RV adventure to Las Vegas to rescue her father, who took off on a mysterious adventure. She’s still her wacky self in this one, but a break was just what we needed. Now we feel like we’re hanging with the crazy aunt we only see at family reunions, and we’ve missed her!

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