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Books can be the best therapy. Not just for the reader who turns to a book to laugh, to cry or to be inspired. But also for the writer who can learn a lot about themselves while developing characters and plotlines. This week Shelf Pleasure welcomes writers who share some of the extra benefits of writing. Maybe it’ll get you to start keeping a journal!

Things My Characters Taught Me—About Myself  by Kristy Woodson Harvey
You can learn more than you ever realized from favorite characters, even if they’re your own!

My Journal, My Lifeline
A journal can be your therapist, your best friend and a lifesaver. Actress and author Kathryn Leigh Scott on how her journal went from diary to serving a much larger purpose.

How Writing Became My Therapy
Liz Lazarus’s debut psychological thriller, Free of Malice, was inspired by events that happened during her senior year of college. Lazarus describes the experience and how it shaped her writing.

Discovering Palo Duro Canyon
Author Melissa Lenhardt’s new historical fiction novel, Sawbones, takes place in part in the Palo Duro Canyon, which is the second largest canyon in the US. Lenhardt shares her beautiful pictures of this special place.

Reading Roundup: The Future of the Library Card
A book festival, a new celebrity imprint, and an interesting look at the uncertain future of our beloved library card…here’s all the best books from the last week.

Best New Books of the Week
From fantasy to mystery to a widely acclaimed debut, here are three new books you must add to your TBR pile.



Week 15 of the Shelf Pleasure 2016 Reading Challenge!


We’re departing from our usual reading style with You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. While nothing in this book is groundbreaking to anyone that does read self help regularly, we are loving Sincero’s frank no nonsense style jam-packed with concrete advice on living the fabulous life we all deserve. Highly recommended! We plan to step outside of our reading comfort zone much more often.