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If you had to choose only one, what book would you keep forever? It’s not so easy to answer as we discovered when we asked the participating authors at the Book’d in Burbank literary festival. Also on Shelf Pleasure, we spoke to bestselling author T.R. Ragan about her new series and to author Jill Apperson Manly about the international pen pal program she recently created for children.

The One Book I Could Never Part With
When we asked the authors participating in Book’d in Burbank to name the book they must always have on hand, most found it to be quite the challenge to pick just one. What about you?

Author Q&A: T.R. Ragan’s New Series
Bestselling author T.R. Ragan gives us a peek at her new series and shares the best book she’s recently read.

Author Q&A: Yoga & Pen Pals
If you ever had a pen pal as a child, you’ll appreciate author Manly’s new international pen pal program she’s created for elementary students.

What My Nightstand Reveals About Me
Author Seth Margolis can’t help but wonder what his book picks say about him. Find out his favorites–including one with a plot twist so shocking he had to read it twice to make sure he read it right!

Reading Roundup: Bookstore Blind Dates
In what might be our favorite story of the year, meet the 90-year-olds who went on a blind date at the bookstore. Find out if it was a match and the other must-read book news.

Best New Books of the Week
A lighthearted romance, a psychological suspense tale and the first title in a new thriller series are our picks for the best new books of the week.


Elle Kennedy Claimed

Dystopian or erotica are not always our first choice in books

But as we’re big fans of Elle Kennedy, this week we’re trying Claimed. We heard good things about it while attending the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention a few weeks ago. So far it’s a little too post apocalyptic for our taste with outlaws vs. citizens fighting to save themselves in what’s left of the world. Though we do appreciate the romance between outlaw Connor and citizen Hudson, we’re not completely sold on an alpha male who shares his mate. We still love Elle’s writing but prefer her slightly tamer and more relatable New Adult series Off-Campus. If you read Claimed, let us know what you think!

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