Hi Fellow Readers!

Life is too short to read bad books or books we aren’t enjoying. Author JD Horn explains why you shouldn’t feel guilty for abandoning a book for one you really want to read. And if you’re looking for a new title to get your hands on, we’ve got recommendations aplenty this week.

Read Like You’re Speed Dating
Author J.D. Horn on how to walk away from books without shame or anger.

Who Owns the Past
Author Mary Sharratt on the challenges involved in writing about historical icons (everyone has an opinion!).

Suspense Stories to Get You Going
Adrenaline junkie? Thriller writer Joe Hart recommends four pulse-pounding reads guaranteed to keep you turning the pages.

The Literary Lover’s Nightstand
From the books she can’t let go of to the ones on her current reading list, author Sharon Nir explains her complex relationship with her nightstand.

Will Travel for Words: Going Nowhere
Our traveling writer Karen A. Chase shares her thoughts on a perplexing travel conundrum: how to make the most of a destination that is best described as “in the middle of nowhere.”

Reading Roundup: The Book Club Must-Read
The cancer memoir that has become a book club favorite and a bar crawl for bookworms make up the best book news of the week. Get the scoop.



We’re Reading…

John Hart’s first new novel in more than five years is something to celebrate. A son wants to avenge his mother’s death. The convicted cop swears he’s innocence. Add in a detective who believes in his innocence while hiding secrets of her own and you get three main characters walking the line towards redemption or hell. This multilayered mystery has us eagerly turning the pages. So far, Redemption Road is proving well worth the wait.

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