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We’re all about summer getaways—whether real or as an armchair traveler. This week Shelf Pleasure recommends memoirs, fiction and historical tales that will take you on adventures all around the world.

6 Books for Armchair Travelers
If a trip abroad is not in your immediate future, here are a few transporting recommendations—from Kenya to Paris to Russia and more.

The Team Approach to Writing
Ever thought about co-writing a book? Find out what it takes to be successful from writing duo Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson.

5 Literary Alternatives to the Baboon Apocalypse
When an exotic vacation proved to be a bit too adventurous for author Amanda Heger, she decided she’d rather be an armchair traveler with these five reads.

Best Books of the Week
Two of our favorite genres, fantasy and romance, make up the best new books of the week.

Reading Roundup: Epic Authors in Epic Hats
From pictures of famous authors in crazy hats to the 12 things every book lover has said at one time or another, here’s the best book news from this week. We’re not sure how we feel about corporate sponsorship at the library!


Blood defense by Marcia Clark

What We are Reading This Week


Transfixed to the O.J. Simpson verdict back in the day, we never suspected Marcia Clark would become one of our favorite authors. But if you’re looking for a legal thriller, you can’t go wrong with one of hers. This week we’re reading the first book in her brand new series starring defense lawyer Samantha Brinkman, Blood Defense. Clark’s insider knowledge of Los Angeles and a main character who is as slippery as the criminals she fights for makes this one a must-read for sure.

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