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Just in time for the long weekend! From Toni Morrison to Elizabeth Gilbert to Jhumpa Lahiri, Shelf Pleasure presents the 7 books we think every woman needs to read at least once in her life. Let us know if you’ve read them all—and don’t forget to add your own picks.

7 Books Every Woman Should Read
So hard to choose! Here are our top book picks that every woman needs to read—by all female writers, of course.

Getting Cozy with Magnolia Smith
Romantic suspense author Magnolia Smith discovers the powerful allure of a cozy mystery and shares her favorites (SP editor Kristen is a huge cozy mystery fan and can’t wait to try Smith’s recommendations!).

What Does Happy Smell Like?
For many authors, creating strong imagery is a primary task of the writer. But when author Adria J. Cimino started her new novel about a perfumer, she needed to figure out how to convey the sense of smell.

Best Books of the Week
The long awaited holiday weekend is almost upon us! We can practically hear the waves calling to us…and here are the reads we’ll be packing in our beach bag. Along with sunscreen, of course.

Reading Roundup: Judy Blume, Bookstore Owner
Judy Blume proves yet again why she’s one of our all-time favorite authors and Dan Brown adapts The Da Vinci Code for the YA market in the most interesting book news of the week.

the opposite of love by julie buxbaum

We adored


Julie Buxbaum’s funny and heartbreaking chick lit debut The Opposite of Love (it’s a must-read for every book club). So we had to pick up her brand new YA debut, Tell Me Three Things. Jessie moves to Los Angeles from Chicago after her mom dies and her dad elopes with a rich stranger he met on the internet. Totally alone and grieving, Somebody/Nobody emails Jessie offering to help her navigate her new high school complete with a list of who to befriend and who to avoid. It’s charming, captivating and impossible to put down.

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