Hi Fellow Readers,

Make sure you free yourself this Independence Day to spend quality time with a book! Shelf Pleasure is beach ready—come on over for a suggestion or two and to share your recommended reads.

Here are the must-reads on Shelf Pleasure this week.

The Beach I Grew Up On
Author Wendy Wax shares how growing up on a beach inspired her bestselling writing career (be warned, you may be tempted to start looking for beachside real estate!).

Will Travel for Words: One Shot Per Word
Author and Shelf Pleasure contributor Karen A. Chase explains how she turns the small details into words that matter.

Best Books of the Week
We couldn’t be more excited for the long weekend and to spend extra time with our beach reads—including a new book from one of our old favorites.

Peter Nichols’ The Rocks

This week

….we’re spending time on the beautiful island of Mallorca with Peter Nichols’ The Rocks. The book begins in the present day and moves back in time to tell the story of two long-standing families on the island–their romances, dramas and escapades. More than a typical beach read, it’s a soulful story about how missed chances and misunderstandings can reverberate for generations. It will also leave you longing for a vacation with its lush descriptions of Mediterranean.

Until next week, happy reading!