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Two author interviews, one unusual but helpful writing trick, and steamy sex scenes from Shakespeare make up the must-reads on Shelf Pleasure this week!

Here are the stories you shouldn’t miss:

Author Q&A: Hazel Gaynor
If you love historical fiction or all things British (as we do!) then you’ll love Hazel Gaynor’s novels. Gaynor visits Shelf Pleasure to talk about her latest release, The Girl from the Savoy.

The Tarantula in the Outhouse
Author Katie Rose Guest Pryal shares a helpful writing trick she learned from her students. Yes, it involves tarantulas. No, it’s not dangerous.

3 Sexy Scenes from Shakespeare
If you’ve ever had any doubt about the sexiness of Shakespeare, author Eliza Walker explains why the Bard and his famous plays have always been sexy.

Author Q&A: E.J. Copperman
Bestselling mystery humorist E.J. Copperman stops by to celebrate the launch of the first in a new series, starring a mystery author!


Reading Roundup: Unemployed Library Cats
A beautiful ode to paper books, a list of reads to get you through the Game of Thrones draught until the show returns and some exciting Harry Potter news are some of our favorite book stories of the week.michael connellly THE CROSSING

We’ve been saving…

Michael Connelly’s The Crossing for a long weekend and long blocks of uninterrupted reading time. Detective Harry Bosch has retired from the LAPD, but his half-brother, defense attorney Mickey Haller, needs his help. Bosch starts investigating almost against his will and soon learns Haller’s client might actually be innocent. Despite anger from his cop friends, that means someone else must be guilty. Bosch has never been one to let the guilty escape, and this is a line he can’t resist crossing. Definitely worth missing a couple of bbqs for!!

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