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What makes perfect summer beach reads? The same thing that makes a perfect summer vacation: adventure, relaxation, fabulous scenery, new horizons and beautiful memories. We’ve got plenty of beach books to recommend this week.

Here are the stories you shouldn’t miss:

Perfect Summer Beach Reads
Author Toby Devens shares the five books you need to take to the beach. And make sure you add Devens’s new novel, Barefoot Beach, to your bag as well!

Channeling My Inner Nancy Drew
If you’ve been reading Shelf Pleasure for a while, you know we’re a tad obsessed with Nancy Drew, one of our childhood heroines. Author Jane Haseldine explains how her experience as a reporter allowed her to be a grown up Nancy Drew—and helped to shape the protagonist in her new novel.

Parody & Satire
New York Times bestselling author Andrew Shaffer talks parody, satire and the importance of humor, especially as it relates to his new book The Day of the Donald: Trump Trumps America.

Best New Books of the Week
Looking for a new book? A family drama, a page-turning thriller, and quite possibly the most perfect beach read of the summer are on our list of best books to read this week.

Reading Roundup: Little Free Library Wars
Find out why one Little Free Library started a neighborhood war, the hidden secrets inside the Game of Thrones books, and the nine books you don’t want to be caught reading at the office in this week’s most interesting books news.


Modern lovers emma straub

This week…

We’re in the middle of Emma Straub’s Modern Lovers. We were eager to get reading having loved Straub’s previous novel, The Vacationers. But to our surprise, we’re struggling a bit to get through it. Straub is a good writer and the plot about two intertwined families living in Brooklyn and struggling with kids, careers and marriage is appealing and somewhat familiar. But we find it simply too hard to root for characters that are so hard to like. We’ll keep going until the end hoping that Straub works out a resolution that will leave us satisfied.

Until next week, happy reading!