This might be the most exciting week of our summer so far! The new Liane Moriarty novel finally dropped and the new Harry Potter book is out at 12:01am on Sunday—would it be strange if we waited on line dressed as Hermione?

Here are the stories you shouldn’t miss:

7 Signs You’re Way Too Excited for the New Harry Potter Book
If you’re carrying a wand and wearing a Quidditch jersey, you might be as obsessed as we are!

Where I Found a Most Curious Murder
Author Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli on the unusual way that Little Libraries and Alice in Wonderland provided the inspiration behind her new series.

The 1910s—An Overlooked Era
Author Radha Vatsal talks about her exciting new series featuring an aspiring female journalist living and working in NYC in 1915—one who isn’t afraid to turn over any stereotypes of how females should behave.

Fact and Fiction
When author Kate Hewitt and her family left the big city for country life in England, she found that her new setting made its way into the plotline.

Best New Books of the Week
Our picks for best new books of the week include the latest from one of our favorite authors, Liane Moriarty. It’s time to clear our calendars until we’re finished!

Reading Roundup: A Bookworm Love Story
It started with a tweet and ended with marriage—read the real-life love story that will make all bookworms swoon. And then test your bookish knowledge and see if you can ace this literary quiz from the Strand bookstore.



We’re reading…

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson which has been on our list for three years! Though she’s long been on our radar, we have never read a book by Kate Atkinson. In 1910, Ursula Todd is born and immediately dies. On the same night, Ursula Todd is born and embarks upon life. As she grows up, she also dies—repeatedly. Ursula is clearly destined for something big–but what is it? We can’t wait to finally find out!

Until next week, happy reading!