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Were you an avid Downton Abbey fan? If so, you’ll love the historical novels of Karen Harper. Harper visits Shelf Pleasure this week and explains the enduring appeal of the Edwardian Era. We also welcome bestselling author Jane Heller who talks about her successful transition from book publicist to published author.

Here are the stories you shouldn’t miss:

Author Q&A: Jane Heller
Bestselling author Jane Heller on her new novel, Three Blonde Mice, the celebrity cooking scene, foodie culture, and more!

A Toast to Timing
Why the Broadway juggernaut Hamilton couldn’t have come at a better time in author Erika Marks’s writing career.

The Edwardians
Author Karen Harper explains the allure of the Edwardian Era, familiar to you legions of Downton Abbey fans.

To Second Acts
Writer Robin Gaines on perseverance and becoming a novelist at the age of 59. It’s never too late!


Reading Roundup: The Underground Library
This week’s best book news includes a beautiful theater turned bookstore (check out the balconies!), the bookstore saved by a mall, and the underground library in Syria stocked with books from bombed buildings.

All Broke Down , CXara Carmack

New Releases 8.1.16

Murder, mystery and international espionage make up the page-turners we’re reading this week!

As you may know, we’re obsessed with sports romances over at Shelf Pleasure. This week we’re reading All Broke Down, the second book in Cora Carmack’s Texas set series centering around a college football team. Dylan fights for lost causes. When she’s jailed during a protest, she meets Silas Moore, in jail for another kind of fighting. Silas only really knows football and trouble…but he finds himself bailing Dylan out. As they fall for each other despite themselves, they learn their biggest fight might just be for each other. Swoon!

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