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Author Kelly Oliver, who writes the Jessica James mystery series, shares four strong, independent heroines who aren’t afraid to challenge convention while solving the crime. If you’re a mystery fan, you’ll want to add these titles to your list. And speaking of mysteries, this week is the first installment in our new, three part series, From Work to Writing. First up, author Brian Thiem (Thrill Kill) explains how his years as a homicide detective shaped his writing career.

Here are the stories you shouldn’t miss:

4 Must-Read Mysteries
Kelly Oliver, author of The Jessica James Mysteries, on women writers who aren’t afraid to take on timely social issues—and do so with wit and humor.

From Police Reports to Procedurals
One of the joys of writing fiction for former homicide detective turned author Brian Thiem is that as the author he gets to control the case, something he couldn’t always accomplish when working homicide.

Author Q & A: Susan Spann
Author Susan Spann talks raising seahorses (who knew?), 16th century Japan and why she paired up a ninja with a Jesuit Priest for her mystery series.

Best New Books
So many of our favorite topics make up our picks for this week’s best new books: history, the Tudors, mystery and Paris! We can’t wait to get reading.

Reading Roundup: Coloring Game of Thrones
In what may be our favorite news story of the year so far, a new study says that people who read books live longer. Go bookworms!



We’ve never missed…

Any of Linda Fairstein’s thrillers featuring Alex Cooper, Manhattan’s top sex crimes prosecutor. Alex is a little off her game in the latest, Killer Look, dealing with post traumatic stress as she attempts to recover from a horrific kidnapping ordeal. The murder of a top NYC fashion designer proves the perfect distraction. We’re learning all about the history of the Garmet District as well as getting an insider peek behind the scenes of fashion in New York City. Plus, there’s a killer on the loose! Perfect beach read!!

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