We’re thrilled to welcome bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub to Shelf Pleasure this week. Staub shares the inspiration behind her new series and why she does not believe in coincidences. Also visiting is author Kristen Simmons who recommends four recently released books you must read right now.

From book reviews to book news, here are this week’s Shelf Pleasure must-reads:

There Are No Coincidences
Bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub shares the heartwarming story of how a stray cat led to her new series. Coincidence? No way, says Staub.

4 Books You Must Read Right Now
Author Kristen Simmons is passionate about her books. Here are the reads she is currently recommending—including one so powerful she was almost tempted to tattoo quotes from it on her body.

Review: Annie England Noblin’s Just Fine With Caroline
To read or not to read? Shelf Pleasure’s quick take on Annie England Noblin’s Just Fine with Caroline….

5 Sci Fi Classics for Newbies
Author John E. Stith offers five science fiction books that will appeal to newbies and dedicated sci fi readers alike.

Book News of the Week: Hidden Libraries
Discover the four hardest to find bookstores in the world (travel inspo!), the unlikely ally saving local neighborhood bookshops and the New York Public Library’s spooky hidden apartments in this week’s best book news.

Best New Books
Love comes in all forms. This week’s best new books are romantic reads that will leave you smiling, crying and believing in the power of true love.


We’re Reading…


Emma Cline’s The Girls was one of those rare books we felt compelled to keep reading even though we weren’t hooked from the start. The writing comes across as pretentious at times but the story of an impressionable young girl, longing to escape her lonely life, who falls in with a group of cult like hippies in 1960s California is fascinating. It’s easy to see how someone desperate for attention could fall in with a crowd that promises free love and to take care of one another–and ignore the neglect and filth and dangerous undercurrent because you feel like part of something bigger than yourself. But when the group begins to become unhinged the book takes an even darker turn that left us wondering what anyone is capable of under the right circumstances.

Until next week, happy reading!