The holiday season is filled with two of our favorite things—travel and champagne. This week on Shelf Pleasure, contributor Karen A. Chase talks about her latest travels and explains how it always provides a new world view that invariably shapes her writing and thinking. We couldn’t agree more. And before you open that next bottle of bubbly, check out author Mary Miley’s fascinating look at Prohibition. We also have a great list from author Debbie De Louise filled with the 10 most interesting things she learned after being published!

This week’s Shelf Pleasure must-reads:

Author Karen A. Chase on how her latest travels provided a whole new perspective on people, places—and writing.

10 Things Almost No One Knows About Prohibition
One of author Mary Miley’s favorite things about being a writer is the research process. Miley shares some of the interesting tidbits she learned while writing her Roaring Twenties mystery series.

What I Didn’t Know Until I Was Published
Although Debbie De Louise has been a librarian and avid reader for more than 25 years, she never realized how much there was to know about publishing until one of her own books was published.


SP Challenge rebecca-yarros-wilder

Though there’s love a good sports romance here at Shelf Pleasure, we had never even heard of the X Games before this book. But the first novel in Rebecca Yarros’s new series set in the world of extreme sports changed all that.

Until next week, happy reading!