4 Books to Read Right Now

We’re thrilled to welcome bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub to Shelf Pleasure this week. Staub shares the inspiration behind her new series and why she does not believe in coincidences. Also visiting is author Kristen Simmons who recommends four recently re... Read More...

Celebrate Your Right to Read

Banned Books Week runs September 25-October 1st and highlights the freedom to read. It’s also an opportunity to raise awareness of book censorship around the country.

Renew Your Love of Reading

We know the breakup of Brad and Angie is the big news of the week, but when you’re ready to tear yourself away from the tabloids, come on over to Shelf Pleasure for the best in book news.

The Most Perfect Beach Reads

What makes a perfect summer read? The same thing that makes a perfect summer vacation: adventure, relaxation, fabulous scenery, new horizons and beautiful memories. We’ve got plenty of beach books to recommend this week.

Read Like You’re Speed Dating

Life is too short to read bad books or books we aren’t enjoying. Author JD Horn explains why you shouldn’t feel guilty for abandoning a book for one you really want to read

The Path to Published Author

A lot goes on behind the scenes before a new book enters the world. This week we introduce three writers who explain some of the hard work involved in becoming a published author

Books Can Save Lives

Hi Fellow Readers! Books can be the best therapy. Not just for the reader who turns to a book to laugh, to cry or to be inspired. But also for the writer who can learn a lot about themselves while developing characters and plotlines. This week Shelf Pleasur... Read More...

Secret Writer Shares All

Emily Bleeker is a bestselling author—who almost never became a writer. After surviving a battle with a rare form of cancer, she finally found the courage to share her stories