Occupation: Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Basics

300 dpi heat shotAfter photographing, styling and writing about homes for 18 years for Better Homes & Gardens magazines, Cynthia began to give a lot of thought as to what those houses really represented. There was so much more to them than just a perfectly styled house, which, for the most part, only looked that way after being styled and propped.  It was about the people who lived there and how those homes evolved into the stories we were telling.

The Daily Basics was born in 2010 and in January, 2015 the first magazine issue of The DB Mag launched – they are two separate things under the same roof. One is a daily fix and the other is a full blown magazine, the kind you are used to seeing on paper. They are both intended to give some depth to living a fulfilling and rich lifestyle.  It isn’t about the money, it isn’t about the perfect family and it certainly isn’t about the perfect house.   You can ohh and ahh just about so much over a pretty picture, but when you discover the story behind an image, then there is meaning.

Besides her former life as a Magazine Editor, Cynthia was a commercial artist and and worked in the Interior Design Industry with her mother, Lee Bogart in New York City. She lives in Newport, Rhode Island with her husband Bill and two dogs.  Her three children are almost out of the nest and one is engaged to a wonderful gal who is an amazing addition to their already wonderful clan.


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