Occupation: Host of a Travel Web Series and Language Expert


bio soniaAfter studying plant genetics at Cornell, Sonia Gil spent a lot time trying to learn languages, traveling, and figuring out how to lead a better life. She has been lucky enough to turn some of these passions into real ventures. She started Fluenz, a company that creates digital language learning products. Another of her projects, non-profit Fluenz.org, distributes free English language programs for people in need.
While traveling to learn languages, she speaks five with different degrees of fluency, she kept trying to figure out what made different places and cultures tick. The search for this secret code led to Sonia’s Travels, a web original series featuring Sonia’s unique take on the places she visits. The weekly series has featured episodes in Venice, Milan, Paris, Berlin, and the Yucatan peninsula.


Basically loves: Her incredible dog, Macho.


Follow Sonia on Twitter: @sonia_gil
Websites: fluenz.com and soniagil.com.