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Decorating with Maps – Finding Your Place in the World

Decorating with Maps –  Finding Your Place in the World

Large Framed Reproduction maps can be had at Restoration Hardware


The world is becoming pretty small – that is no secret. How easy is it to hop on a plane and go from one part of the earth to the next. How about our connectivity with the rest of the world? If you tweet, email, skype, facebook or watch television, you are connected all over the place!


Maps or cartography is a fascinating study. Not only can it tell you where you are in relationship to the rest of the world, but you can locate that small town in India where you have just ‘friended’ a new rug company on facebook or you can show your kids where you are going for your vacation. Maps are more than a visual directory of locations. They are memories, history and dreams.


Think about putting map wallpaper in your child’s bedroom. Not only an interesting ‘look’ , it can actually be compelling to study, to wonder and to stimulate that young one’s imagination, right? Or perhaps you’d like to purchase a papered piece of furniture from Bryonie Porter instead?

Go to KidsRoomDecor.com (room shown -designer, Steve Gambrel




Collecting antique prints can be looked upon as an investment. They increase in value and from a decorative point of view, they are a stunning statement.

Here’s what you should know about collecting antique prints.

1- Prints published from the early 1900’s on back were printed in black ink, no color. The process used for color, a four color separating process, was not used on a commercial level until the early part of the 20th century. Individual prints made from wood blocks, lithographs and silk screening methods were used as far back as the 1500’s in China, but were not the norm. Most prints that you will collect were printed in black & white and if they are colored, they are colored by hand.

2- Framing is very important. Select a reputable framer. Choose something that will go in your space. Most importantly, however, is to make sure you have your framers use conservation and museum quality matting and glass in order to protect your print. The proper glass will keep your print protected. Just remember that direct sunlight will harm your print over time.

3. If you are going to order framed maps online, make sure the vendors are reputable.


For more information on collecting antique prints, Antique Prints Blog can give you all great info. Also please check out The Old Map Gallery.com and Rare Maps.com .

Maps were used as informational sources such as this Wine Map. Here is a map of the Dept. De L'Orne, a wine region in France. where Calvados and Apple Brandy is produced. To see other Wine Maps, click here from The Old Map Gallery.com.

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