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Holistic Nutrition – Because Every BODY is different

Holistic Nutrition – Because Every BODY is different
There are two principles that most Holistic Nutritionists believe -

-You are what you eat
One person’s perfect food is another one’s poison

Holistic Nutrition is not some wackadoo diet plan. It is the way folks used to eat before additives, refinements and food was prepared in mass production. So listen up and get in the know!

This Dove Ad brought home the fact that we are not all the same. Not outside and not inside. Click here to go to Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty


What if you didn’t have to ‘follow’ a diet to loose and maintain your weight?

What if you were able to simple adjust the kinds of foods you ate and your body would find it’s own weight balance?  With the right food and lifestyle combination, you can fine tune your body, mind and soul.  Sounds far-fetched? It’s not really. It is actually all common sense and it’s not difficult to adapt into your life.



Holistic Nutrition is a custom designed eating diagram just for your body based on fresh, healthy and organic foods.

Your body is continually rebuilding itself. Think of food as gas. If you put hi-test in, you'll get a premium performance and maintenance. If you put watered down gas, you're engine will deteriorate quicker and you're not going to go as far. So opt out of the junk food and get in the groove.

Eating the foods your body can’t handle can perhaps lead to illnesses, addictions and obesity. Eating the right foods can help control those problems. Holistic Medical Centers and Nutritionists are accepted by most of the conventional medical community and are becoming then norm in many folks lives. That’s the place to go for your own diagnosis to getting that body back on track. Find someone near you and go for a consultation. Wouldn’t you like to forget about being in a constant state of diet?

Meet Maya E. Nahra, RD, LD – Registered & Licensed Dietitian

Maya E N

Holistic nutrition is about connection, a feeling, and energy, one we have lost due to current societal food practices and media influence. Medical studies do supply us with general guidelines; they test hypotheses raised by scientists or by popular belief. Nevertheless, taking all your healthy-living cues from these studies is unrealistic, impractical, and will probably make you sick!

Holistic nutrition is a learning experience. Live happy, healthy lives, supported not by prescription drugs or clinical studies, but by your own powers of observation. Eat unadulterated food including pure oils, clean meats, real butter, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and whole eggs. Get fresh air and sunshine, learn ways to de-stress, exercise, and even fit in red wine and chocolate.   Maya’s website  covers it all – Mind & Body & Soul –  Intentful Chef



Maya addresses foods you might never have given a second a thought… like kale. But Kale has a HUGE amount of antioxidants and benefits your body is so many different ways, including lowering your cholesterol. Take a look and listen and please visit her website where there are fabulous recipes that are totally delicious and good for you!

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